Safety Manager – Jones Sign

Jones Sign, Inc.

Job Description

Position:              Safety Manager

Reports To:          Executive Vice President

FLSA Status:        Salaried Exempt

Drafted/Revised: 2/14/2018


Job Summary:

The Safety Manager will be responsible for evaluating, developing, organizing and administrating our safety program to ensure a safe working environment for all Jones Sign employees, partners and contractors.  The safety program will be accomplished through coordination, implementation and management of Federal, State and local regulations where work is being performed to ensure compliance.


Duties and Expectations:

  • Presides over Safety Committee meetings
  • Reviews, evaluate and track causes to accidents and incidents occurring to employees, visitors or contractors
  • Monitor, analyze and report lost time accidents and work related incidents
  • Review and recommend continued training and equipment to ensure safe and efficient work methods
  • Evaluate safety hazards within our facilities and/or work sites for safety, health and environmental risks
  • Maintains contingency plans for fire, severe weather, hazardous materials spills, confined space and others while maintaining emergency readiness
  • Maintains inspection policies and schedules on equipment in accordance with OSHA regulations
  • Maintains EPA records of hazardous materials, air emission, injuries and other industrial health monitoring in accordance to OSHA regulations
  • Initiates and develops policies and procedures that implement and maintain safety measures throughout the organization
  • Participate and support any OSHA, Safety, Fire or other facility formal inspection
  • Surveys current safety literature and policies to update processes to regulatory standards
  • Participate and lead inspections and toolbox meetings
  • Ensures compliance with DOT regulations, including personnel driving records, fleet maintenance and inspections
  • Ensures training of personnel regarding safety processes


Education, Experience or Specific Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in occupational safety and health, environmental science or related subject
  • Professional designation such as Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Associate Safety Professional (ASP), or Associates Risk Management (ARM) highly recommended/preferred
  • Five plus years of experience and a proven track record in managing safe workplace environment; preferably in the manufacturing or construction field
  • Stays current with governmental compliance requirements
  • Excellent communication skills; oral and written
  • Above average computer skills with an emphasis in MS Office and Google Docs
  • Ability to work in indoors and outdoors environments while physically being able to walk and climb
  • Strong technical knowledge of OSHA regulations
  • OSHA 10/30 Outreach Instructor – Construction
  • Have a strong understanding and experience managing Worker’s Compensation
  • Ability to travel to work sites and other facilities
  • Able to build relationships with employees, contractor, vendors in a professional and tactful manner
  • Manages multiple tasks simultaneously with tight deadlines independently and in a team environment with a sound analytical problem solving skill


Environment and Working Conditions:

Work conditions consist varies between an office, manufacturing and construction environment.


Work schedule:

This is a salaried exempt position with the expectations that you will work the hours necessary to successfully fulfill your role and expectations.  Typical hours will consists of Monday through Friday during regular business hours.


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