ASSP Nicolet Chapter Virtual PDC

Thanks to everyone who attended our Virtual PDC on 1/20/2021. For those of you who couldn’t make it, you can see a recording of our three presentations by clicking this link.


Why don’t we see the things that can hurt us?

Workplace injury and illness recordkeeping: It’s all in the details

Wisconsin Occupational Health Lab Resources

Call for Nominations – Nicolet Chapter SPY

The ASSP Nicolet Chapter SPY award is an honor acknowledging the dedication and outstanding contributions of a member to the Nicolet Chapter. To be eligible nominees must:

  • Be a Professional Member or Member in good standing of their  Chapter and the Society.
  • Not have received this award within the past five years.
  • Be engaged in full-time employment in the profession of protecting people, property and the environment.

The nominee’s most recent three years of activities will be considered as a minimum.

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